Essay on unemployment in India causes and effects

Essay on unemployment in India causes and effects

Unemployment is a huge problem in every country, and every country has different types of unemployment. This is especially true for developing countries like India, which has always been the leader of the largest human populations.

Unemployment is a very serious problem that can be handled by carefully planned and executed plans of action. In this article, we will be discussing the causes and effects of unemployment in India and how to solve this problem.

1. Definition of Unemployment

Unemployment is a major problem in India. It is a situation where people who are able to work do not have any work. The main cause of unemployment is lack of opportunities.

There are many people who are educated and skilled but they do not get jobs because of various reasons such as the unavailability of jobs, low wages, and lack of proper training and skills. The effects of unemployment are disastrous. It leads to poverty, crime, and social unrest.

2. Causes of Unemployment

There are various factors that contribute to unemployment. One of the most common reasons is the mismatch of skills between the available jobs and the skills of the workforce. When employers are looking to fill a position, and the pool of applicants doesn’t have the qualifications they are looking for, the position goes unfilled.

The most qualified people often have their pick of jobs, so employers are forced to lower their standards and hire people who are less qualified. This can be a problem for both the employer and the employee, as the employee is likely to be overworked and underpaid, and the employer is stuck with a workforce that is not a good fit.

3. Unemployment in India

Millions of people are unemployed in India. Unemployment is a problem that has been going on for many years. There are many reasons for unemployment. The main reasons are slow economic growth, lack of new industries, lack of new investment, lack of skills, and rapid population growth. India is a country that is still in the process of development.

The government has been trying to solve the problem of unemployment, but it has not been successful. The problem of unemployment is causing a lot of tension in the society. It is also causing a lot of stress to the people who are unemployed. The government must find a way to solve the problem of unemployment.

4. Unemployment Statistics in India

Unemployment is a global phenomenon that continues to affect countries irrespective of their development status. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the global unemployment rate was estimated at 5.8% in 2018.

This means that there were approximately 192.1 million unemployed people in the world. India has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. In this essay, we will explore the causes and effects of unemployment in India.

5. How to Tackle Unemployment

There are many ways to tackle unemployment. Some measures are short-term, such as providing training and support services to help people find jobs quickly. Other measures are long-term, such as creating an environment that encourages businesses to invest and create jobs.

The government can also provide financial assistance to people who are struggling to make ends meet. There are many different ways to help, and it’s important to find the right solution for each country. Every country is different, and what works in one place might not work in another.


Unemployment refers to a situation when a person willing and capable of working is not getting employment for the lack of required skills or resources. For example, if you have attended several interviews but didn’t get selected because you don’t have any specific qualification then also you are considered unemployed. Here we will discuss about unemployment in India on basis of some reasons, effects and solutions etc.

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