NCIS LA season 13 theory: Hanna betrays Kilbride as connection to undercover case exposed

NCIS LOS ANGELES is headed undercover this week, but Admiral Kilbride isn’t convinced Sam Hanna is the right person for the job after exposing a personal connection to the mission.

Agent Sam Hanna (played by LL Cool J) will take on a high-stakes undercover case in the next episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, Bonafides. He’ll have to take on a completely different persona to carry out the mission, but Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) has concerns he’s too close to the target in the latest sneak peeks released by CBS. But will it result in Hanna betraying the team?

Hanna’s connection to the NCIS’s latest target could jeopardise the whole team when they return for their next undercover mission on Sunday.

The senior agent will have to take on his most impenetrable cover yet to track dow the man who killed Lance Hamilton’s (Bill Goldberg) partner.

To make things more complicated, Hanna’s target is Vander (Ski Carr), the same man who helped him develop his undercover persona in the first place.

Will Hanna be able to ignore his personal connection to the target, or could he go against the whole team to protect someone he once trusted?

NCIS LA season 13: Hanna betrayal as Kilbride exposes connection to undercover target? (Image: CBS)

NCIS LA: Hamilton tells Hanna about his dead partner (Image: CBS)

In the latest clip from NCIS LA’s upcoming two-parter, Kilbride gives Hanna a stark warning not to let his connection to the case cloud his judgment.

He tells him: “UC personas are tricky things. To be good, to feel real, you have to have a part of you in them.

“But when that happens, when that line between person and persona gets blurred, it’s impossible to keep the people you’re investigating at arm’s length.

“You’re human, you let them in. What’s work, what’s real? Hard to tell.”

NCIS LA: Is Hanna’s mission already compromised? (Image: CBS)

NCIS LA is back for a double bill this Sunday (Image: CBS)

Hanna looks rather concerned as Kilbride delivers his speech, and he could be starting to have second feelings about taking on the case.

“I need you to tell me right now, Agent Hanna,” Kilbride continues. “Can you hunt this man Vander down? Or are you too personally invested?”

The agent doesn’t answer in the clip, but his conflicted look could be a worrying sign the mission might not go according to plan.

If Hanna meets up with Vander during the mission, his cover could be blown if his former colleague recognises him.

Moreover, he could very well violate Kilbride’s orders if he starts to suspect the target isn’t the man he’s looking for.

In another clip, Hanna meets up with Hamilton himself and reveals more about his relationship with his next target.

Hamilton confirms his dead partner identified Vander as his murderer in the last moments before he died, but Hanna may not be so convinced.

“Years ago I used him to get this undercover persona up and running,” he recalled.

The most successful UC op I’ve ever had. Bi-coastal: LA, New York.”

“I want this son of a b***h,” Hamilton tells him, though Hanna gives the same uneasy look he had in Kilbride’s office.

Is Hamilton’s partner telling the truth, or will Hanna have to risk his place on the team to clear Vander’s name?

NCIS Los Angeles season 13 continues Sundays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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