Bull’s Michael Weatherly jokes co-star was a ‘tyrant’ during CBS directorial debut

BULL’s Michael Weatherly joked about Marissa Morgan star Geneva Carr ahead of her directorial debut.
Although CBS’s hit legal drama Bull is coming to an end, the stars took time away from the screens to banter about an upcoming episode. As her directorial debut approaches, actress Geneva Carr, jokingly interviewed her co-stars about what it was like working with her.
Carr who stars as Marissa Morgan in the fan-favourite drama, took to Twitter and shared a behind the scenes video featuring her co-stars.

Ahead of her directorial debut, which airs this week Carr asked a number of familiar faces what it was like to work with her.

The leading man, Michael Weatherly who portrayed Dr Jason Bull was among those who featured in the clip and gave a funny response.

When asked, he joked: “You’re a taskmaster, some call you a tyrant behind your back, I thought you were terrific.”

Carr also asked Christopher Jackson who starred as Chuck Palmer, who shared, “It was great, it was so great, it was really good and emotional.”

Bull’s Mackenzie Meehan complimented Carr, pointing to her co-star turned director she stated: “Genius, sheer genius.”

The actress also asked the crew, to which a team member answered: “Joyful, joyful, fountain of joy, every second filled with laughter.”

Carr’s directorial debut titled ‘With These Hands’ landed on screens on March 31st.

The episode saw Jason Bull try to overcome his personal emotions as the doctor, who saved his life after a heart attack, was sued for malpractice.

While this made it hard to represent the doctor, the case became personal for Bull after he learned the doctor was going to be sued.

Bull also didn’t see eye to eye with the lawyer who proceeded to remind him of the courtroom hierarchy.

To which Bull hit back: “I’ll make it simpler: Attack the plaintiff, lose the case.”
In an interview with ET online Carr revealed why she chose to take the directorial route after a successful run onscreen.

She disclosed: “This last season of Bull has been the most challenging and the most exciting.

“I’ve learned so much and grown as an actor and a person over these last six years.

“Throwing myself into a new chapter by directing felt like a way to honour the series, the characters and show what the whole experience has taught me.”
The actress added: “Being able to spread my wings with a team of people I respect, know inside and out and care about was a true gift.

“And joining a long list of super talented female directors that have worked on Bull is the sweetest send-off.”

At the beginning of the year, Weatherly took to Twitter and announced the sixth season of the series would also be the final instalment.

While fans were unsure whether the news was true or not, CBS later confirmed his tweets.

Bull is available on CBS. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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