Michael Weatherly Gives Major Shout Out to ‘Epitome of Awesome’ Sasha Alexander After ‘NCIS’ Reunion on ‘Bull’

On Saturday (April 30th), Michael Weatherly took to his Twitter account to give a shout-out to the Sasha Alexander following their “NCIS” reunion on his hit series “Bull.”

“I loved working with The Epitome of Awesome Sasha Alexander,” Michael Weatherly declared in the social media post following the “Bull” episode. The former “NCIS” star then wrote, “And am now in the gym trying to use weight. Because comedy is a cruel trainer.”

Prior to the “Bull” episode, Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander worked together on “NCIS” from 2003 to 2015. Alexander played Caitlin Todd. Weatherly stayed on “NCIS” until 2016. Following his departure from the c*****al investigation series, he took on his “Bull” role as the main character, Jason Bull. He has been on the series since 2016, which is now in its sixth and final season.

Earlier this year, Michael Weatherly announced that “Bull” is officially ending. The “NCIS” alum shared on Twitter in January, “It’s been my privilege to play Dr. Jason Bull. But after 6 seasons of incredible storylines, I’ve decided it’s time to pursue new creative challenges and bring his story to a close.”

The final episode of “Bull” will air on May 26th.
Michael Weatherly Opens Up About His ‘Bull’ Character

During a 2019 interview with Hey U Guys, Michael Weatherly shared more details about his “Bull” character and how the character and the series have evolved since the show’s first season.

“At the very end of Season 1, I took the opportunity to flip the character,” Michael Weatherly explained. He also said the showrunner Glenn Gordon Carson really wanted to flip “Bull” and present the drinking too much, eating too much, and isolating himself persona began. “He started compartmentalizing which leads to disaster. When we look at the world we live in today, everyone is in these silos of information and political beliefs.”

Michael Weatherly also stated that “Bull” speaks on the information and beliefs and he believed that one of the things about the show’s second season is everyone seeing what happens to a person like Bull. “It’s easier to just stay with people who look like you and in your own tribe and it’s even easier to just stay by yourself. We all saw what happens, you have a heart at***k on the steps of the place that calls for truth and justice. Maybe his truth was served to him on a special plate that day which was a heart a***k.”

Michael Weatherly went on to add that he believes Glenn Carson is an extraordinary writer. “I think ‘Bull’ is a vastly under-appreciated show in terms of the critical appraisal of it. Which is great because there’s nothing better than an underdog!”

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