‘NCIS’ Season 19, Episode 19 Recap: Here’s Everything You Missed

NCIS on Monday night had another action-packed episode with star Sean Murray having his daughter join him on the show.

Murray plays Agent Timothy McGee in the CBS drama. It must have been a blast to have Cay Ryan Murray appear alongside dear old Dad. He even got a chance to introduce her as his co-star. Let’s see how the episode panned out with some details.
Timothy McGee on ‘NCIS’ Finds Himself At The Mercy of a Bratty Teenager

A bombing death is at the center of some house parties run by teenagers on NCIS. Teagan, played by Cay Ryan Murray, gets singled out. The teens on the base go have parties at empty homes due to a breach of Norfolk’s security system. Teagan tells McGee that she used C programming in exploiting a flaw in the system on the base.

Things take a turn as a break-in happens at Lt. Carl Tang’s house. The teens are now in custody with the NCIS. Knight and Parker, played by Gary Cole who Murray talks about in an interview, approach the home but a bomb that’s connected to a TV remote goes off. Tang is killed in the blast. Parker does say something about Gibbs’ rule on coincidences. They talk with some members of Tang’s hobby club.

Meanwhile, another club member offers them a tip about Tang’s electronic butler, a WALL-E knockoff missing from Tang’s house along with a safe. McGee asks Teagan why she hacked the Norfolk system in the first place. The teenager says that she was lonely until Jayden spoke up. He told her to come on out and hang with the other kids.
Teagan Ends Up Lying About Not Knowing Tang Before His Death

A BratChat invitation to a party at Tang’s house alerts the robber that Tang isn’t home. Teagan lied when she said she didn’t know Tang. He was planning to redeploy Teagan’s mother to Latvia, meaning she’d have to move her away from her new friends. Kasie finds out the bomb that killed Tang was made from French WWI ordnance. Teagan’s mom happens to be an ordnance expert.

Mom tells the team that Teagan’s never met Jayden in person. So, Jayden is apparently out to frame Teagan for murder. Jayden actually is a 40-year-old dude who started chatting it up with Teagan when the break-ins happened. He’s now setting up a meeting at a shopping center. We get more from EW. McGee finds Teagan on a bench. Teagan cries while understanding that she’s been used. Next thing we know, she catches Jayden using a backdoor that she installed on his phone. She turns his phone volume up. Emojis go his way until agents find him.

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