The ‘NCIS’ Executive Producer Teases the Season 19 Finale: ‘The Energy of Gibbs Pervades the Story.’

In the Season 19 finale, the NCIS team comes together to protect one of their own, boss Alden Parker (Gary Cole), who is wrongfully accused of murder. According to NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder, this tricky perp benefits more from “Parker being disgraced rather than killed.”

Parker, of course, is not going to take this lying down. “When he believes the system is being used against him, he will do what he will do.” Binder says, “We push things pretty far.” He seeks assistance from his ex-wife and still close friend, Vivian Kolchak (Teri Polo, who returns next season), an FBI agent turned Department of Defense paranormal investigator.

Could Parker’s eccentricities have driven them apart? His love of birds comes into play, and another pastime is revealed during a visit to a large new location we’ll see in future episodes.

With Parker pushed to his limits, senior field agent McGee (Sean Murray) takes over as the bullpen’s de facto leader. “Parker put his a$$ on the line to assist Gibbs in Alaska.” Binder says of their former boss, “McGee hasn’t forgotten.” “Gibbs’ energy pervades the narrative.” Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) is still mourning his loss and has turned to alcohol to cope with his feelings of abandonment. “He’s backing away,” Binder observes. “He’ll be drawn closer by his family.”

And the entire family has arrived! Ducky (David McCallum), a former medical examiner, returns for the final two episodes, initially to assist his successor Jimmy (Brian Dietzen), who is also in a budding romance with newish agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law). Binder promises a “moment” for the pair at the end, but expect zigs and zags. Kasie (Diona Reasonover), a forensics genius, has advice for Knight on workplace relationships: it turns out she, too, has something going on!

That doesn’t stop Kasie from stumbling across a crucial clue — literal bread crumbs left by a hungry criminal. Don’t these bad guys realize who they’re up against?

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