‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Posts ‘Demo’ From ‘This Summer’s Recording Project’

Michael Weatherly, the former NCIS star and Gibbs’ right-hand man, introduced a new song he’s creating to his 467,000 followers on social media.

He can work full-time on music, if he wants, considering that Bull, is ending its series run this month. And he’s long gone from NCIS, although fans want him back, now that he has some free time.

On Tuesday, Weatherly posted: “I’ve concocted a demo for this summers recording project… a paen to shipwrecked people everywhere! Welcome to : Impossible World.”

And then Weatherly sings a raw version of “Impossible World.” It’s nice and soulful, with an edge, although we think he means “paean” to all the shipwrecked souls. Hey, since it’s Tuesday, we declare it the perfect time to introduce ourselves to new music.

Weatherly played Tony DiNozzo on NCIS from the pilot in 2003 through 2016. He often was the comic relief, although he still was a very serious agent and someone Gibbs could count on under pressure.

And Weatherly is a serious musician. Did you know that back in 2010 he suggested that NCIS do a musical hour. CBS nixed the idea. But Weatherly did contribute a couple of songs to the NCIS soundtrack. And he always was there for the other agents.

Before he got his break in acting, Weatherly paid the bills by playing music in the subway station. He talked about his go-to song during a 2010 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The best song you can sing in the subway — this is for future reference for anybody who wants to do it — is “Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard,” Weatherly said. “In between trains, you just see everyone bobbleheading. And then it has the part (where Paul Simon whistles). Any part of that song is great, but if you catch the audience on the platform at the right time, you’re gonna make about $30 in about 15 minutes.”

Now, Weatherly’s singing was a few years back, so he’d probably get far more than $30. You know, inflation and all that. He also plays piano and the guitar.

He ditched singing as a potential career in the early 1990s. “I saw nothing ahead in the world of music for myself but deep pain,” Weatherly told the Pepsi Music Blog. But he still did some karaoke, hitting the singing bars with talk show host Ricki Lake. He also was in a karaoke music video for the song “Sukiyaki.” If you’re in a karaoke bar in Asia, anywhere, and choose Sukiyaki, you may see the video of a younger, thinner Weatherly playing behind the on-stage performer.

His fans from NCIS to Bull loved his new summer singing project. One wrote: “I love your voice and I love it when you unleash your creativity. We needed a new nice song! And thanks for teaching me new words like “concocted” and “beguiling” Big huge kiss from Colombia.”

Another wrote: “I can’t wait to hear more music and songs and what else you will do next year, but don’t stay off forever on tv.”

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