‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Has ‘Too Much Time Off’ in Hilarious New Video

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly might’ve arrived at the silly section of his time off. Of course, he needed to share the quirky process. Weatherly, known as Tony DiNozzo to millions of NCIS fans, is working on his music right now. His current series, Bull, ends its run next Thursday.

So let’s go to Weatherly’s social media feed. And warning, listening to Weatherly’s video will wake your sleeping dogs from a sound nap. The caption — “Maybe too much time off won’t be a good idea.”

As NCIS Finishes Season 19, Weatherly Works on His Music

Weatherly says “don’t know if it’ll look like the way it does. It’s kind of like a remarkable effect. Watch this …. if I can only sing while I was doing that.”

What was Weatherly doing? You probably learned it as a toddler. Take a deep breath, then forcefully blow the air through your mouth and let your lips vibrate like a motor. Note to self, Weatherly is a very adult-looking 53-year-old middle schooler. But he is having fun. And it’s fun to watch.

Weatherly is catching his breath after working on network television for 19 years straight. He portrayed DiNozzo from the NCIS back-door pilot on JAG in 2003. By 2016, he left NCIS after 306 episodes. Then he stayed with CBS, shifting to Bull and starring as a jury consultant. He was in 125 episodes, If you throw in some crossovers while he was on NCIS, Weatherly filmed 431 hours of network series drama. That deserves a long rest, right? In the meantime, he’s working on his music. He really is a good singer.

NCIS fans acknowledged that Weatherly deserved a rest.

“You so should take time off,” one NCIS fan wrote. “You’ve worked so hard most of all your life. Please take time to relax. Don’t be like my boss, work(ed) …. himself into a heart attack. Wouldn’t want that for you. You’re my hero and want that for years to come alright.”

Another fan suggested he keep up the lip drills “You CAN SING WHEN (YOU’RE) BUZZING YOUR LIPS, Michael Weatherly. They are called “lip trills” & they’re a great singing warm up if you move through the scales! Try to get your voice moving! BTW: I’m REALLY going to miss BULL!”

Still others posted memes and gifs from DiNozzo and his old NCIS days. Believe it or not, there were scenes when Weatherly, as DiNozzo, wasted time in the office. (That makes him just like all of us).

Spinning Forward: In Monday’s Finale, Parker Gets Set Up for Murder

As Weatherly looks for stuff to do, NCIS is winding down its 19th season. It’s been an odd one for the agents. Or as one episode deemed it “Face the Strange.” The season started with a four-episode arc to say goodbye to Mark Harmon and Gibbs. Gary Cole, as Alden Parker, came on board as special agent in charge, switching from the FBI to NCIS.

The Monday finale is “Birds of a Feather.” Here’s the plot summary from CBS: “When Agent Parker is framed for murder, the team puts their jobs and lives on the line in order to buy time and uncover the truth.”

If you’d like to catch up, check out the Outsider recap from last Monday’s episode here.

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