‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen Shares Adorable Snap of Parenting Struggle

This might be the most adorable photo on Instagram you’ll see this week. NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen was helping his precious toddler with her potty training.

Yes, that can be a stressful event for a little girl who isn’t even two. Olsen sat on the bathroom floor and let daughter Winter lean her head on his shoulder. Someone snapped a photo and the NCIS: Los Angeles star shared it on social media.

He captioned the picture: “Sometimes you just need to be held and sang John Denver (to) until you can poop in the big potty.”

Can we get a collective awwwwww. Olsen loves to show us in photos how much he enjoys being a Girl Dad. He and his wife, Sarah, are the parents of three children. Winter is the youngest. The family also includes Wyatt Oliver and Esme Olivia.


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Olsen May Become a Parent in Sunday Finale of NCIS: Los Angeles

And quite possibly, Olsen’s character on NCIS: Los Angeles will be a new father. He plays Deeks and is married to Kensi (Daniela Ruah). The two have been wanting a child for several seasons, but Kensi had issues becoming pregnant. Season 13 of the show has explored the idea of fostering and adopting for the couple.

Deeks didn’t appear in last week’s episode. It was explained that he was out of the country, gathering documents in Guatemala so that he and Kensi could adopt Rosa. In another episode — Work and Family” — the couple even talked about adopting Pilar, another young girl from Guatemala.

Kensi Helped Bring Rosa to Safety in “A Land of Wolves” Episode

Kensi helped bring Rosa to safety during the Jan. 9 episode, “A Land of Wolves.” (Check out the Outsider recap here.) Kensi was working undercover in Mexico near the border with California. Rosa’s mother died on the trip to seek asylum in the United States, leaving Rosa as an orphan. Since her mother’s death, Rosa had stayed with her aunt in Los Angeles. But her aunt suffered a severe stroke, leaving her in hospice care. Kensi and Deeks knew if they didn’t step, Rosa would be deported.

Kensi was the one who suggested adopting Pilar as well. She said the two young refugees, who were friends back home, needed their love, help and protection.

Throughout NCIS: Los Angeles season 13, Kensi and Deeks also had to come to terms about whether to be parents, given their line of work. They’ve obviously decided that raising children was something they were meant to do.

The season finale is Sunday night. And there will be a case to solve, but we know the episode will end with a party on the beach with the team celebrating multiple events.

Here’s the plot summary for “Come Together:” “The NCIS team hunts for a crew that robs a Los Angeles casino with military-grade power. Also, Kensi and Deeks hear exciting news regarding the adoption, and Callen takes a big step in his relationship.”

Callen (Chris O’Donnell) is asking Anna (Bar Paly) to marry him, so that’s a party. And then there’s the adoption news. Stick with Outsider to see how the NCIS: Los Angeles season unfolds.

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