NCIS’ Jimmy Palmer star pays tribute to co-star Katrina Law as romance plot unfolds

Dr Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) and Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) have been flirting back and forth for the last few weeks on NCIS. In the thrilling season finale, Birds of a Feather, the pair finally took the first step to make their budding relationship official, and Brian has opened up about where the romance could go when the CBS drama returns for season 20.

Brain admitted the fan-favourite pairing will probably be taking it slow the next time fans see them together on NCIS.

In the season finale, Jimmy and Jessica finally admitted their feelings for one another when a new case brought them out into the field.

Recently, Jimmy has been mourning the loss of his wife, Breena (Michelle Pierce), who d**d after contracting Covid-19.

However, the start of a new relationship with the beautiful and formidable Agent Knight could be the perfect thing to bring him out of his shell and back to full spirits.


Brian Dietzen and Katrina Law

NCIS’ Jimmy Palmer star pays tribute to co-star Katrina Law as romance plot unfolds (Image: CBS)

Katrina Law and Brian Dietzen

NCIS: Jimmy and Jessica kiss in the season finale (Image: CBS)

“I think he definitely threw the ball into her court at the end and by her saying, ‘Hey, let’s go out for coffee,’” Brian explained after season 20’s penultimate episode.

Jessica still holds the cards, but she seemed more than willing to see how things turn out with Jimmy after their first date.

While it may take a while for their relationship to get serious, they’ll almost certainly still be testing the waters by the time season 20 rolls around.

Brain told ET: “It’s not saying, ‘Let’s get married’ or anything like that.”

Katrina Law and Brian Dietzen

NCIS: Fans could see their first date in season 20 (Image: CBS)


“It’s just saying, ‘Perhaps. Yeah, let’s try this out.’ And hopefully, they keep talking.

“So long as they keep talking, I think it’ll be good for both of them.”

Although they danced around their feelings for some time, things took an exciting turn when Jessica invited Jimmy to accompany her to a wedding earlier this season.

Now they’ve actually started dating, the NCIS pair could eventually make their relationship official by the end of the next season.

After their first kiss in Monday’s finale, Brian shared his first reaction to finding out Jimmy would be part of a romantic storyline this year.

“I was happy for Jimmy,” he said in a video on CBS’s Twitter page.

“He’s had a really tough year. His lovely wife passed away a year ago.

“He’s been raising their daughter, Victoria, solo in the Covid era, which I know a tonne of people have done. It’s not an easy thing to do.

“So, to find just some hint of happiness in the future, I think it was really great for him.”

Brian was also thrilled to have more to do opposite the show’s recent addition, Katrina, who joined NCIS at the end of season 18.

“And, selfishly, as an actor, I got to do more scenes with Katrina Law, who’s a tremendous actor and we always have a great time together. So, yeah, it’s been a really positive experience.”

Fans will now have to wait until after the summer break to discover if Jimmy and Jessica’s first coffee dates were successful.

NCIS is available on CBS in the USA. New episodes arrive on Wednesdays on Disney+ in the UK.

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