‘NCIS’: Could Season 20 Feature the Return of Tony DiNozzo?

For years, NCIS fans have been clamoring for the return of Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, to the show. Their desire to see the wise-cracking guy back on the CBS drama has picked up steam recently.

Weatherly does have some time on his hands now that he’s no longer on Bull. The actor ended his run there and is reportedly seeking new projects and challenges. So, the question now is will he come back to play Tony?

One person who might know some inside scoop on this is NCIS showrunner Steven D Binder. In an interview with TV Insider, Binder did say that talks have been held about Weatherly’s return. “I absolutely would love to do something like that… That’s going to depend on Michael Weatherly,” Binder said. “He and I have talked over the years about it and he was always on Bull and [since] he was on Bull, it just seemed weird and not right.”
Showrunner for ‘NCIS’ Has Talked With Michael Weatherly About Returning

Binder recalls the last conversation that he had with Weatherly. According to that one, the actor was going to take some time off and rest. Binder said Weatherly went from a tough NCIS schedule to being the lead actor on his own show. The showrunner considers Weatherly a friend “so it’s not a difficult conversation to have with him. It’s just a question of whether or not it works out.”

If you recall, DiNozzo and Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo, had a daughter and eventually would end up in Paris. They have continued their relationship in the show’s storyline. Here’s an interesting thought: If Weatherly returns as DiNozzo, would de Pablo come back as Ziva? Talk about a power couple on the show.
Fan Shares Old Clip Featuring Former Star, Emily Wickersham

Recently, a fan happened to share an old NCIS clip that features Weatherly and Emily Wickersham, who played Ellie Bishop on the show. This clip has Bishop and DiNozzo catching some rays while working out their stress on yoga mats. Weatherly recalled it as a “great day on set”. In the clip, Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee also shows up but isn’t getting his yoga jam on at the time.

Meanwhile, some people have been trying to see if Tony could possibly be a fit for Gibbs’ old role. As you might know, Mark Harmon left the show during last season and took Leroy Jethro Gibbs with him. His character has led the NCIS team for many seasons, giving that role over to Gary Cole’s Alden Parker. Would it be a good fit, though, for DiNozzo to be a team leader? More specifically, could Michael Weatherly replace Harmon? Probably not.

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