‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Tributes Those Who Put ‘Life, Liberty, and Happiness on the Line’ in Memorial Day Post

This holiday weekend has been full of big events and movies breaking box-office records.

But, even with all the excitement of the start of the summer season, many have slowed down this Memorial Day to celebrate those who have put their lives on the line to protect our country. One of these people is NCIS: New Orleans alum Lucas Black as the actor shares a touching and patriotic message on his Instagram page.
NCIS: New Orleans Alum Lucas Black Thanks Those Who Served In Touching Memorial Day Message

In this patriotic Memorial Day post, Lucas Black shares photos of American Flags flying prominently in the wind among multiple tombstones. A heart-tugging reality of what we are honoring this Memorial Day.

“Thank you to all those who put life, liberty, and happiness on the line for the sake of Freedom!” Lucas Black exclaims in his Monday, May 30 Instagram post.


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The actor goes on to note the sacrifices of those who have served are ones many will never forget. Black goes on to give a touching “thank you” to those he is honoring.

“Although, they are mortal their deeds are immortal and we will never forget,” Lucas Black says in his Insta message. “Thank you,” the NCIS: New Orleans star adds. “Happy Memorial Day!”
Patriotism Is Something The Former NCIS: New Orleans Star Holds Dear

Earlier this month, Black, who portrays Special Agent Christopher LaSalle in the NCIS spin-off series shares a video on his Instagram page depicting the moment he unfurls his American flag for display. Sending a message of hope and support to his Insta followers.


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A post shared by Lucas Black (@lucas_york_black)

In the patriotic message, Black tells his Insta followers that “America is the best country on Earth!” The actor goes on to state that he proudly displays the American flag and will “never forget our country’s heritage.”

“People are literally dying to get in America because they want to live here instead of the country they were born in,” the NCIS: New Orleans star writes in the Instagram message.

“Our Constitution is the greatest governmental document ever written,” Black adds. “We will always have to protect our Constitution from those who want to manipulate its meaning. We will fly the American flag proud in this household. And never forget our country’s heritage.”

He then encourages “All the Patriots who read this to comment in caps USA,” adding an American flag emoji at the end of the sentence. Of course, Black receives plenty of support with many of his followers doing just as he asked, commenting with supportive USA messages on the post.

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