‘NCIS’ Producer Steven D. Binder Reveals What’s Next for Kasie

For NCIS, star Diona Reasonover has been providing a solid boost with her character of forensic scientist Kasie Hines. There has been a lot of interaction between her and other characters yet not a lot of Kasie stories. Will that change going into the next season? Are we about to see her leave the show? There was some inkling that Kasie might take off and, of course, that means Reasonover bolts, too. Well, we get some answers from show producer Steven D. Binder.


“I sure hope she stays because she’s fantastic,” Binder tells TV Insider. “We’re dabbling potentially with her having a significant other. We’re gonna see where that goes. We used to do Abby-centric stories relatively frequently or at least with a rhythm.” Binder says that it’s been a while since the show has done a story focused on Kasie.

Binder Looks Forward to Having ‘NCIS’ Characters With Their Own Episodes

“I think we’re gonna have something fun for her coming up that may or may not involve her relationship,” he says. “We’ll see where the story takes us or where that character takes us. But I think Season 20 is gonna be a season where everyone’s really gonna get a chance to shine, have their own episodes and have them be pretty powerful. And Kasie is certainly overdue, I can tell you that.”

On the show, Kasie has scenes with Jimmy Palmer, played by Brian Dietzen. Their connection in the world of forensic work keeps viewers tuned in as part of the show. Reasonover offers some thoughts on why she thinks people “were sleeping” on Palmer. She says in an interview with Variety, “He’s kind of the undercover sniper of people’s favorite characters. When they’re listing their favorite characters, he always ends up in those top three, always.”

Jimmy Palmer Character Moves Up in the Chain of Command

Jimmy definitely has become a fan favorite over the years. He’s been a part of the scene and continues to provide great work as he’s moved up in positions. As you might recall, Palmer took over the full-time medical examiner role when “Ducky” Mallard, played by David McCallum, retired. Now “Ducky” did not leave the show and has been a part of NCIS on a recurring basis. The hope is that there will be more “Ducky” sightings next season.

The cast of NCIS has been rocking along last season with Alden Parker, played by Gary Cole, coming along. Fans know Parker is now leading the team after Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, left. It does look like, though, that Kasie probably will be around for more work in the lab. And that’s a good thing for the show.

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