NCIS’ Wilmer Valderrama And More Cast Members Celebrate Kicking Off Filming For Season 20

This looks to be a historic season, with or without Gibbs involved.

With hundreds upon hundreds of TV shows airing in any given year, one wouldn’t think that the middle of summer could still be so light on entertainment, and yet here we are. (One can only survive Stranger Things massive fourth season finale so many times, after all.) Thankfully, though, it’s about that time for many of the fall’s biggest and most-watched shows to start filming, and that includes NCIS and its beloved ensemble. The CBS procedural drama kicked off production for the upcoming Season 20 as one of relatively few scripted series to stay in primetime for so long, and stars like Wilmer Valderrama were pumped to share the news with fans.

Fans will get to watch Torres, McGee, Knight and others once again whenNCIS debuts its twentieth season on CBS in September, but the cast and crew obviously has to bring the episodes to life first. So you can bet the network was quick to celebrate the latest production start for the most-watched drama on network TV year in and year out. Check out CBS’

While we’ll give that post a thumbs up in general for getting the NCIS fanbase pumped up about new episodes coming together behind the scenes, the images seen in the post aren’t exactly brand spanking new. For something more current, we’ll hop over to Wilmer Valderrama’s Instagram, where he shared a fun and teasy-peasy video with his fellow co-stars.

A post shared by Wilmer Valderrama (@wilmervalderrama)

Though Katrina Law may have been cracking a joke about catching one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted in Season 20, her co-stars appeared to be completely genuine in saying that the upcoming episodes will feature moments and elements that NCIS fans “have never seen before,” per Brian Dietzen. (Like perhaps a steamy romance between Jimmy and Knight?) Diona Reasonover added that they’re going to surprise us. Your guess is as good as mine for what the creative team is planning.

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