Sean Murray’s Favorite NCIS Episode – An All Time Classic

We usually assume that actors will readily name any episode that features their character as their favorite.

Instead, Sean Murray decided to prove that he just has great taste. According to Insider TV, Murray considers the Season 2 episode “Call of Silence” to be the NCIS episode he enjoys the most. “This is one of my favorite films,” Murray told TV Insider. “Charles [Durning] was just as amazing off-screen as he was on it. Complete joy.” “The Call of Silence” focuses on World War II Marine Corps veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Ernie Yost (Durning), who confesses to the NCIS team that he k****d his best friend in action during the Battle of Iwo Jima in Peace. War II: Medal of Honor winner Ernie wracked with survivor guilt, Gibbs and his team take on a case to prove his innocence.

Many fans consider “Call of Silence” to be one of the best episodes of the entire series. According to IMDb, this is undoubtedly the highest rated episode of the second season. And it’s all likely because Call of Silence delivers one of the show’s most powerful emotional punches from start to finish. The episode is full of tear-jerking moments, including a crying Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) as she dances sadly with Ernie and flashbacks to the horrific moments of World War II. But what really connects this episode is the character of Ernie, who is so tragically obsessed with the thought of k****g his best friend that every scene with him is almost heartbreaking.

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