On New Episode of NCIS Season 20: A ‘National Treasure’ Must Be Recovered

NCIS Season 20 is underway, with Episode 3 premiering on Monday night.

The team has reassembled after clearing Parker’s name in the season premiere, and they are back to their usual routine of solving cases.

If you missed the first two episodes of NCIS: Fall 2022, they are now available to watch on Paramount+.

That’s also a great place to go back in time and watch some of the classic episodes starring Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, and Abby.

Despite the need for some changes in the NCIS cast, the show continues, with some intriguing stories on the way this fall.

The next new episode of Season 20 will air on CBS on Monday, October 3 at 9/8c. Based on the TV commercial, it looks interesting.
Synopsis and TV promo for NCIS Season 20, Episode 3.

“When a d3ad body is discovered at an ancient burial site thought to be cursed, the team investigates the motive and symbolism behind the cr1me.” In addition, as Torres continues therapy with Dr. Grace, he discovers that their lives are in danger,” according to the full synopsis for NCIS Season 20, Episode 3.

The TV commercial that is currently airing on CBS in order to generate interest in the event is shown below.

More information on NCIS Season 20 Episode 3

Laura San Giacomo stars as Dr. Grace Confalone in this new episode of NCIS. She is doing more work with Agent Nick Torres.

Laith Wallschleger plays Erik Nilsson/Dozer, Jonathan Kowalsky plays Nate Holt/Rookie, and Billy Miller plays Ezra Moretti/Second Man in Unearth.

As we begin the new week, here’s an amusing clip from the second episode of the season in which McGee and Carter discuss their personal lives.

NCIS Season 20, Episode 3 is titled Unearth, and it will air on October 3. Following that, the episode will be available on Paramount+.

It’s also nearly time for NCIS: Los Angeles to return. He is a recap of the NCIS: Los Angeles season premiere, which will air for the first time on October 9.

Here are some spoilers about the stories NCIS: LA will cover this fall for fans of the spin-off who want to get a head start.

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