Rocky Carroll wife: Who is The Wife of NCIS’s Director Leon Vance?

Rocky Carroll has been working with NCIS Director Leon Vance for 14 years. But, to whom is he married?

Season 20 of NCIS premiered earlier this month, marking the show’s 20th anniversary. While Agent Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has retired in Alaska, Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) is ready to give orders to the remaining agents. Fans are eager to learn everything they can about the man behind the director, who has been on the CBS drama for more than a decade.
Rocky Carroll, who plays Leon Vance on NCIS, is married..?

Rocky Carroll has been married to Gabrielle Bullock since the 1990s, and the couple married on May 25, 1996.

Gabrielle, while not in the entertainment industry like her husband, is a very talented woman in her own right.

She is an award-winning architect who was recognized in 1984 as the Rhode Island School of Design’s second black female student to receive an architecture degree.

In the present day, Gabrielle is the director of global diversity at Perkins & Will and the firm’s first African-American and female managing director.

In addition, she received the Whitney Young Jr Award in 2020 for her commitment to social responsibility within the scope of architecture.

She and Rocky also have a daughter, Elissa, who is now around 21 years old.

Elissa was meticulously planned, according to Gabrielle, who described herself as a “organiser” when she spoke to Madame Architect.

“We actually adopted her as a newborn when I was forty,” Gabrielle explained. I tried to have children but was unable to do so, so I adopted her.

“I can assure you that having my child was as well-planned as it could be.”

“I knew I wanted to have a career and I wanted to have a family, and I didn’t want one to jeopardize the other,” she added.

“I had to persuade myself that it was okay to be apart from her, that she had a father who cared for her.”

While Director Vance may be the boss around the office, Carroll isn’t the one who wears the pants.

He admitted to PEOPLE in 2009 that as long as he fed the dog and took out the trash, “that’s what’s important” in their household.

Of course, as long-time NCIS viewers will recall, Vance’s wife met a tragic end on the show.

In season 10, Jackie Vance (Paula Newsome) was caught in a crossfire aimed at Ziva David’s (Cote de Pablo) father Eli (Michael Nouri), the director of the Israeli Intelligence Community Mossad.

Vance and his wife were hosting dinner at their home when the att4ck occurred, k1lling Jackie.

Vance hasn’t met anyone else since her d3ath and spends most of his time working.

The third episode of NCIS season 20 is titled Unearth.

“When a d3ad body is discovered at an ancient burial site thought to be cursed, the team attempts to determine the motive and symbolism behind the cr1me,” according to the description.

“In addition, as Torres continues his therapy with Dr. Grace, he learns that their lives are in danger.”

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