NCIS New Orleans star Lucas Black Explains in Detail His Decision To Leave the Show

NCIS: New Orleans star Lucas Black decided to leave the show, which allowed the writers to k1ll off his character.

This happened in Season 6, during an episode called Matthew 5:9, and the producers did an excellent job of keeping it a secret until everything was revealed on screen.

Christopher LaSalle, played by Black, was working on a case that involved investigating his brother’s d3ath. He was also shot in a dramatic moment at a cabin in the woods during the process.

NCIS: NOLA fans were not expecting LaSalle’s d3ath, but Black later stated that it was his decision to leave the show.

At the time, Black made a few brief statements about wanting to spend more time with his family, despite the fact that it meant leaving a highly successful CBS drama.

Now, Black has given a new interview in which he reflects on his time on NCIS: NOLA and his decision to leave.

Lucas Black discusses the departure of NCIS: New Orleans.
“We were pleased with the show. We had a wonderful time. We gave up a lot of family time for a good run. But there came a point when enough was enough. “It was time for us to… reclaim a lot of that time and spend that quality time with each other that had been sacrificed for the past six years,” Lucas Black told FOX News.

“I’d go to work, and the kids would still be sleeping.” When I got home, they were already in bed for the night, fast asleep. That doesn’t bode well for your relationship with your children… so for us, we knew that couldn’t last forever,” Black explained about how he and his wife felt about his participation in the show.

In retrospect, Black does not regret his decision to prioritize his family. And, after spending some time with his family, he has been able to return to work on some projects that are dear to him.

In his spare time, he enjoys making YouTube videos, such as the one below, in which he is shown working on his new film, Legacy Peak.

While Lucas Black’s time on NCIS has come to an end, the episodes are still available for fans to re-watch.

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