‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Callen Drops a Major Hint About Hetty’s Return in New Teaser

Well, it should be getting near time for Hetty Lange to come on back to NCIS: Los Angeles but that’s not guaranteed yet.

Who will help us get some clarity about this matter? None other than Special Agent G Callen, played by Chris O’Donnell. He’s working on his wedding to Anna Kolcheck, played by Bar Paly. We get a little more information about Hetty thanks to this teaser. Linda Hunt plays Hetty on the show.

Callen is going to get engaged to Anna. But this teaser also lets us know that Sam Hanna, played by LL Cool J, isn’t too cool with Callen’s prep action here. This conversation between Callen and Sam takes place in Glory of the Sea, the title for the upcoming episode. Callen admits that he doesn’t have a new suit ready for the big event. “I don’t need your guy,” Callen said. Sam replied, “Trust me you do. I’m not going to be standing up there with a sad-looking groom.”
Hanna, Callen Banter Back and Forth About Hetty On ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Callen just dismisses Hanna’s advice. But his partner really insists that Callen should not walk down the aisle in a field suit, Express reports. Hanna warns Callen that his tailor is used to a “certain kind of clientele.” Callen then asks what Hanna means by this. Sam said, “The kind that doesn’t walk down the aisle with a suit full of bullet holes.” Callen said he’d get the suit dry-cleaned twice to make it free from blood stains and gunpowder.

Sam said, “Hetty’ll kill you if you do that.” Callen said, “Well, she’d have to come out of hiding first.” OK, so are we doing to see Hetty soon or not on NCIS: Los Angeles? We do know that Linda Hunt has been absent from a number of episodes. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hunt was staying at her Los Angeles area home. A few scenes actually were filmed on her front driveway. With this mention of Hetty, are we going to see her show up before Callen’s wedding?

Remember, it was earlier this season that Callen and Kilbride, played by Gerald McRaney, thought that Hetty had been k****d in action over in Syria. See, other NCIS operatives had found the remains of a small woman over there. But later on, they found out that Hetty had faked her d***h.
“Human remains of several individuals were found inside [an abandoned school]. They were burned beyond recognition,” one officer told Callen. “But one of the bodies had documents identifying them as an American female named Trudy Chambers.” But Callen assumed that really was Hetty.

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