After The Ocean Water Ruins His Sandcastle, The Puppy Becomes Furious

After The Ocean Water Ruins His Sandcastle, The Puppy Becomes Furious

After The Ocean Water Ruins His Sandcastle, The Puppy Becomes Furious

A great place to unwind and forget about your problems is the beach. The ideal way to relax is by being near the water and the sun. Even though sand goes everywhere no matter how careful you are, the majority of us could live without it. However, some people enjoy playing in the sand. And children and pets are among those who like having a good time on the sand.

Our dogs simply love to dig, unlike most children who enjoy removing the sand and creating enormous sandcastles and other buildings. And Angus, a young golden retriever, is not an exception. He was seen gigging up a hole in the sand in one video taken of him at the beach.

Angus was unfortunate because the tide wasn’t exactly on his side. Anyone who has visited a beach and attempted to play in the sand would know that it can be a little challenging due to the shifting tides. The best sand for building sturdy sandcastles is typically found down towards the water’s edge, where it’s moist. However, descending to the seashore entails dangers. You can build and play risk-free when the tide is out, but when the tide comes in, you have to race the water.

And unfortunately for Angus, all of his efforts in excavating his magnificent hole proved fruitless. The tide flooded it as soon as he dug it, filling it with water. We don’t blame the tiny dog at all for being so upset. He can be seen in the video plainly perplexed about where his hole went as the water came in.

It’s unfortunate that someone wasn’t able to explain to him how tides operate since it was heartbreaking to see how dejected he became when the hole he had worked so hard to dig vanished. The endearing part is that he once attempted to defend it from the approaching tide. He actually tries to nip at the water in the video at one point, barking at it as if to warn it to stay away from his hole. Just too precious to watch, really. Dogs are genuinely such helpless little beings. They are not due to us!

Watch Angus fight off the water in the video clip below:

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