House Is Listed For $475000 And Buyers Are Shocked To See What’s Inside

House Is Listed For $475000 And Buyers Are Shocked To See What’s Inside

When sellers put up a property for sale, they make sure that the price they list it for is worth its value. Everyone wishes to someday have their own home. When building one from the ground is not an option, buying a pre-owned home is a great choice.

When looking online for options, you will notice that some are more expensive than others based on where the property is located. If it’s in a high-end neighborhood, then expect it to be pricier. You would think that the value of the house for sale would be worth at least what it is being sold for. This is made easier by the Internet because it is now easier to compare prices.

Buyers get easily hooked on the pictures shared by the seller. But sometimes, you can’t judge the home by its exterior. No doubt you will come across offers that will make you raise your eyebrows.

The Los Angeles home this seller listed isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes.

The property is located in a high-end neighborhood. If you get a home for a good price here then you are lucky. This is located in a posh neighborhood of Los Angeles’ Northridge. But when you see the property though, even in pictures, you can instantly say that it’s not really worth its asking price.

This house is so rundown that nobody would think that anyone would risk purchasing the property. And to make matters worse, its asking price is jaw-dropping – a whopping $475,000!

Based on the pictures posted, the house looks like it’s been abandoned for ages. One may expect a well-kept property at this price. But that’s not exactly the case. This house was built in 1956, and for sure you can find some constructed in that same decade that look promising. But this one looks like it hasn’t been maintained at all in all that time.

Reports say that the home’s interior is even worse. You cannot find a clean spot anywhere you look. Brown stains and unidentifiable splotches make it look and feel gross. Nobody would spend hours cleaning this house from floor to ceiling.

Many believe that because of its location, people would be interested to make an offer despite its condition. The median income of a family in this neighborhood is $77,000. An average, quality house may be purchased for about $345,000.

But can you imagine anyone paying $475,000 for such a run-down property? Well, that could be possible if the goal is to demolish the current structure and build one with a better and more modern design.

This home does not appear to be worth $475,000. Everything about it is in shambles. If the buyer goes for it, it seems like they may have a hard time fixing up the house. Well, that is if parts of it are still repairable. It’s unfortunate that someone has left this house for granted. It could have been beautiful and homey if it was maintained well, regardless of its age.

It’s hard to tell from the outside, but this home used to be in the same neighborhood as many famous actors and professionals. Even if it is in a perfect location, will someone really pay that much for this house? Is the location really worth it?

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