NCIS Hawai’i fans make same complaint as beloved character announces exit

Lucy will be temporarily absent from the show

NCIS Hawai’i fans have taken to Twitter to complain after it was announced that fan-favorite character Lucy, played by Yasmine Al-Bustami, will be absent from upcoming episodes.

In Monday night’s instalment, fans learned that Lucy had been selected for the Special Agent Afloat position, which she applied for when she and Kate were broken up last year.

In a heartbreaking scene, Lucy told Kate that she had decided to accept the job, which would see her assigned to a ship, taking her away from Hawai’i and from Kate for four months.

Viewers complained that the storyline didn’t make sense for Lucy, who has a fear of the ocean. One person tweeted: “Ngl, even a family situation would’ve made more sense as an out for Yas than putting Lucy on a giant ship, surrounded by her biggest fear, for four months. She’ll be living in three lifejackets at all times for four months.”

A second fan wrote: “So you’re telling me that Lucy ‘feet-water-death’ Tara really chose floating on the her biggest fear, the dark abyss, for four months over Kate ‘I stayed in Hawai’i, even after we broke up’ Whistler? I know Yas needed an out for the Jesus show but… this? Really?” while another added: “I loved their final scene but can’t agree they handled it well, overall. I guess it’s something they had to do to explain Yas’ absence but they could’ve gone about it a different way. It was low-key out of character for Lucy to take it.”

Other fans were left wondering when Yas might return to the show, with one person tweeting: “Okay, but how long is Lucy gone? What episode will she be back?”

ucy will be absent for four months

Fans can rest assured that the actress will appear in the three-way franchise crossover event, which will air in January.

A number of viewers praised the moving scene, however, with one person writing: “We all need a hug but this is so heartwarming. This scene is absolutely beautiful and well written. I know their love will be so much stronger after their reunion,” while another added: “The #kacy ending scene was perfection. Wow!! Sad they’ll be apart for awhile but they’ll get through it.”

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