NCIS season 20: Wilmer Valderrama confirms return of ‘favourite bully’ in sneak peek

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama has shared an almighty spoiler from behind the scenes of season 20 as he and the rest of the cast continue filming new episodes.
Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama) will soon reunite with a rather irritable NCIS fan-favourite later on in season 20, judging by a new clip the actor shared on his Instagram page. Giving fans a peek into filming, Valderrama turned his mobile phone camera to reveal Zane Holtz has returned to the set of the CBS c***e drama.
Holtz first appeared in NCIS way back in season 10 where he portrayed Petty Officer Third Class, Kevin Wyeth.

But eight years later in 2021’s Gut Punch, the Canadian actor returned opposite former leading man Mark Harmon in an all-new role as NCIS Special Agent Dale Sawyer.

Then in season 19, Dale Sawyer reared his h**d for a second time in Fight or Flight, the 12th episode of that particular run.

Thanks to Valderrama and almost one year one since his last stint on NCIS, Holtz is back and the Nick Torres star couldn’t resist poking fun at his return in a behind-the-scenes reveal.

As he sat in the front seat of a vehicle, Valderrama began filming from the set of season 20 in a clip shared to his Instagram.

“You know, here on set of NCIS, our incredible crew and a little bit of a surprise,” Valderrama began as he began recording.

Valderrama then panned the camera around to show Holtz sitting in the front of the vehicle with him.

“Oh, man,” Valderrama said as he feigned exasperation. “Your favourite bully is back.”

Holtz held his hands in a celebratory manner before he began singing: “Let’s get down, let’s gown to business.”

Valderrama let out a sigh and a smirk as he concluded the clip: “I’m gonna leave it right there.”

How exactly Sawyer will return to the action remains to be seen but it certainly looks like he’ll be in close quarters with Torres.

And the last time the two characters were on-screen together, it’s safe to say they didn’t exactly see eye to eye.
Torres was left on edge when Sawyer last appeared that he could be joining the team as his replacement.

After all, season 19 saw Torres struggle to deal with his inner demons, even taking to the ring to let out his anger in a brutal MMA fight in an undercover mission gone awry.

In the end, all ended well as Sawyer managed to help Torres, McGee (Sean Murray) and co get to the bottom of the case they faced while Torres scrapped it out in the ring with an accomplished fighter.

The episode was undoubtedly one of the highlights from season 19 and even led to fans pleading for Holtz to recur as a main character thanks to his onscreen chemistry with Valderrama.
At the time, Twitter user and NCIS fan Alyssa Cirocco pleaded: “Petition to keep Zane on regularly please and thank you.”

Bailee Smith-Garcia added: “NCIS needs to make Zane Holtz a series regular.”

While @swiftgeckos weighed in: “Just make zane holtz a regular on ncis already.” (sic)

Holtz may not be listed as a recurring star at the time of writing, but fans will undoubtedly be chuffed to see him and Valderrama reunite once more in season 20.

NCIS season 20 continues Monday on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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